Welcome to my personal website and thanx for stopping by! In the last couple of years I spent a lot of time working on Flash Mavi, which at times got a bit boring. But my work just got a lot more interesting. Besides sitting in front of a screen most of the day, I always find time to exercise at least twice a day. I actually started working out when I first traveled to China and spent a few month learning Sanda at Song Jiang Wushu School. At the same time, China re-awakened an old passion in me.

I loved cooking since I was a little girl. The kitchen was my favorite room in every house I lived. But I was always told that I should do something "better" with my time. So I went to university to study something I was not interested in. But why not turn passion into profession? Sometimes I lose myself in the kitchen for hours, trying o make a tasty protein cookie with more than 30% of protein or trying out chocolate substitutes that will not make you fat. In 2012 I started publishing a few recipes and created a calorie calculator on Flash Mavi. Soon I will also put some of my recipes on youtube.

Another new found passion I share with my husband Martin is short films. Just a few months ago we bought an URSA cinema camera from Blackmagicdesign and started shooting exercise-short-film. We basically try to pack fitness instructions and recipes into short films. It's a slow process but it's really fun. We both film, edit and appear in all our videos. In addition, I'm now learning about makeup for film. We usually shoot a week, and then edit and grade 2-3 weeks. All my videos are exercise and fitness-nutrition related, while Martin's videos are more martial arts and gymnastics related.

Short Bio: Grew up in La Paz Bolivia. Lived in Austria, Thailand, China, Laos, Bolivia, U.S.A. Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, German. Love the gym & weights, cooking, health, sports in general, Muay Thai, Sanda, movies and filming.

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